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Brush mulchers are a type of equipment that can easily cut through dead and drying brush, dead and rotten trees, invasive overgrowth, and unwanted bushes. They then grind the plant material and turn it into mulch.


Wildfire Prevention

In the dryer summer months, having excessive dead plants or overgrowth can pose a danger to your property and your family. A tiny spark is all it takes to ignite this type of material which can then act as a fire ladder, allowing flames to climb to the tops of trees where they can spread quickly.

Invasive Species Prevention

Dead and drying brush can be a perfect habitat for invasive species to thrive. Brush mulching can ensure that these little pests don’t take over your property.

Property Beautification

Dead brush can be an eyesore, so in addition to the practical aspects, brush mulching can help give you a more appealing property.


Brush mulching can be a very cost-effective method for removing dead brush and fallen or rotten trees. It’s a fairly simple process using one piece of equipment, so it’s relatively efficient and easy on the wallet.


Brush mulching turns your unwanted plants into mulch, an organic material that can enrich your property’s soil.

If you’re experiencing excessive overgrowth, or dead branches and brush, schedule a free consultation. Our arborists can help you make a plan.