Frequently Asked Questions
What type of pruning should I focus on going into winter?

Crown thinning from an ISA certified arborist company to prevent blow downs with evergreens from the coming windstorms should be prioritized. Also deadwood removal services will prevent any dead limbs from being blown free during a wind event.

Is this a good time to trim my laurel hedge?

Laurel hedges usually have a growth spurt spring and fall, so this is the best time to prune them right after their semi-annual growth spurts.

Could I prune my fruit trees during winter?

Yes! Fruit trees are best pruned during the winter because the tree is dormant, with no leaves or fruits. That means it will be easier to see the tree’s overall structure to decide which cuts to make as well as reduce the risk for infection. Pruning optimizes the feeding capacity of the tree to provide better quality fruits.

Should I top my ornamental trees to reduce their height?

When topping trees for reduction, there’s a 10% chance of killing your trees. In addition, it’ll produce rapid multiple sucker growths (2-6 feet a year) from each branch. A better alternative is prune them following ISA standard of pruning called crown cleaning, which involves cleaning out the deadwood, small suckers, and crossing-rubbing branches.

Why should I prune my trees?

Pruning maximizes the aesthetic and structural benefits of your trees and increases property value as well as the longevity of the trees.