Gig Harbor Crown Thinning

Protect Trees from Wind in Gig Harbor

Tree Crown Thinning Service

Gig Harbor Crown Thinning | Protect Trees from Wind


Crown thinning involves the strategic removal of small, tertiary branches from the top part of a tree to reduce the density, create a more uniform appearance and improve the tree’s health.

Crown Thinning in Seattle Will Protect Trees From Wind


Increased Safety

The tops of trees can act as wind traps during storms. By thinning the crown of a tree, you allow more wind through which decreases the chance of damage to the tree or your home.

Healthier Yard

Crown thinning allows more air to circulate through the tree’s branches which creates a less desirable environment for pests and fungus. By opening up the crown, there will also be greater sun exposure directly to the tree, ensuring that it gets the energy it needs from the sun. The increase in sunlight and airflow can also be beneficial to any plants that were shaded by the tree’s overgrowth; you might notice fewer dead spots in your grass and an overall improvement in the health of your yard.

Improved Aesthetic

While having some shade in your yard is great for hot, summer days, when trees are too dense and overgrown, they can become overwhelming and cause your yard to feel dark and more closed in. By improving the density and allowing more natural light to shine through, you can improve the overall look of your yard while still benefiting from the shade that the tree provides.

Crown thinning takes an overgrown bushy tree and gives it a makeover you will be proud of.