Tree Care Blog Why You Should Consider Tree Injections

Tree injections are a targeted way of treating trees for disease and invasive insects. Injected directly into your trees’ transportation tissue, this method of treatment is effective and precise.


Healthier for the Environment and Your Family
The more traditional method for treating infected trees involves spraying pesticides onto the soil around them, leaving harmful chemicals in the air and soil that may impact your family and the environment. With injections, the treatment is injected directly into the tree’s trunk, preventing any chemicals from being released into the air. Plus, since it’s targeted, much less product is needed to provide an effective treatment.

Tailored Treatments for Your Trees’ Needs
Many sprays have a one-size-fits-all formula, which is inefficient and wasteful. With injections, your arborist can address the specific issues your tree is facing and use a tailored treatment plan for maximum effectiveness.

When Should I Get Tree Injections?
Deciding when to get your trees treated depends on the type of tree and their blooming season. Your arborist should treat your trees when they’re not blooming to prevent harming pollinating insects.