Tree Care Blog Increase Your Property’s Value Through Tree Maintenance

Whether or not you’re thinking about selling your home, maintaining your trees is a good idea for various reasons. Trees that are left to grow out of control without regularly being trimmed and thinned are more likely to develop diseases and pose a danger to your home during a wind storm. Plus, who doesn’t want a balanced, beautiful yard?

If you are thinking about selling your home, the stakes increase substantially. According to a study done by Michigan State University, homes with landscaping that have good curb appeal can be perceived to be worth 5% to 11% more. The National Association of Realtors also weighed in stating that 40% to 50% of all home sales are decided at the curb.

Having overgrown, dense trees can certainly affect curb appeal, so if you are hoping to get top dollar for your home, putting some work into tree maintenance is a great place to start. If your yard looks unmaintained, potential buyers may wonder what else hasn’t been taken care of over the years. With first impressions being so important, you don’t want to risk losing an offer over something as simple as tree trimming. So, do yourself a favor and fix up those trees before you list your property.