Tree Care Blog How To Help Prevent Tree Pests

No one likes tree pests, but unfortunately, they thrive in certain environments here in the Pacific Northwest. With the thick forestry and abundance of trees and shrubs, there is no shortage of places for pests to set up camp. Shrub, branch, and brush overgrowth create the perfect homes for pests and rodents, giving them plenty of coverage to nest and multiply across your landscape if left unmaintained. 

What Damage Do Pests Cause? 

Not only are these pests a nuisance to you and your property, but they can also cause significant damage by interfering with the nutrient flow within your trees and spreading disease. This can make your trees weaker and more susceptible to damage during heavy wind conditions, which can create a safety hazard on your property. As a homeowner, it's critical to reduce the common optimal nesting environments for these pests to properly care for your property and its safety. 

How to Prevent Tree Pests 

Having work done on your trees is a great option for managing pests on your property and preventing future problems. Tree injections are a great way to help treat diseases caused by pests, as the solution is injected directly into the trees' transportation tissue. If you are looking for simple options to help prevent pests from nesting in your trees, reducing the overgrowth is a good start, as pests thrive in this. Other services like tree centering (thinning the overgrown layers of a tree) are a great option for pest prevention. This process helps clear inner layers and create more airflow within the tree, both of which eliminate an optimal environment for common pests in the Pacific Northwest.

If you would like to prevent pests in your trees, or treat diseases caused by pests, schedule a no-cost consultation online or with one of our field representatives to have one of our local, professional arborists consult with you on the best way to proceed.